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D6.1.3.2 - Toolkit Document

This document is an accompanying document for the software deliverable D6.1.3.2 OPTIMIS Toolkit, a meta-deliverable that gathers and integrates all software components delivered by the OPTIMIS project in M24.

D2.1.3.2 – OPTIMIS IDE

D1.2.2.3 - OPTIMIS Detailed Design

D1.2.1.3 - Architecture Design document

D1.1.1.3 - Requirements Analysis

D1.1.2.3 - Verification and Validation Cases

OPTIMIS - Public Deliverable - D1.2.1.2 Architecture Design document

D1.1.1.2 - Requirements Analysis

The present document "OPTIMIS - Public Deliverable - D1.1.1.2 - Requirements Analysis" is the result of the requirements study for the OPTIMIS project. The objective was to capture and structure the requirements and expectations of the project partners and the future users of the project outcomes. This document is an update of D. - Requirements Analysis, which was submitted at the beginning of the project (M4, Year 1).

D6.2.1 - Use case requirement and refinement analysis report

D6.3.1 - Use Case Requirements and Functional Requirements (WP6.3: Cloud Bursting)

Deliverable 6.3.1 is representative of the work carried out in WP6.3 relating to a Cloud Bursting use case scenario from month 7-12. The purpose of the work package itself is to manage the provision of an environment capable of supporting the Cloud Bursting use case.