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OPTIMIS team releases an updated version of our white paper "Why Use OPTIMIS ?" (May 2013 version). 

D7.2.1.4 - Cloud Legal Guidelines Final Report
This report is the final of a four part deliverable produced in Work Package (WP) 7.2 of the OPTIMIS project. The WP focused on the legal aspects of cloud computing, and specifically considers issues of data protection, data security, intellectual property and green aspect of cloud computing.

This scientific report presents the work and achievements done for the Service Manifest in year two of the OPTIMIS project. Given the experience with the year one Service Manifest the Service Manifest for the second year has several major improvements:

• There is a clear separation between basic parameters (relevant for both Service Provider (SP) and Infrastructure Provider (IP) and the IP or SP specific extensions

• The manifest is structured in components

D5.1.4 – Report on new approaches to secure the license token

The purpose of this deliverable is to deliver information on technology considerations for software licensing token security in Cloud environments by

-          Presenting the state-of-the-art of licensing and license management in Clouds provided by the major companies in this field

D5.1.3.2 - Report on Cloud License Management Requirement

Deliverable D5.1.3.2 reports on requirements for license management in Clouds and new developments in this area. This deliverable is an update of the year one deliverable D5.1.3.1 and as such tries to concentrate on the differences with respect to license management in Clouds and new developments that have been identified for year two of the OPTMIS project.

D1.2.2.2 - OPTIMIS Detailed Design

OPTIMIS Public Deliverable - D1.1.2.2 - Verification and Validation Cases


D7.4.3.2 Dissemination & Communication Report M24

The present deliverable provides an overall report about the dissemination actions that were carried out in this WP to communicate news and results about the OPTIMIS project (M13, June 2011 – M24, May 2012) during the second year of the project.

OPTIMIS Public Delievarable - D7.2.1.2 - OPTIMIS Cloud Legal Guidelines

D6.1.3.2 - Scientific Report on Risk Assessment

The present document D6.1.3.2 - Risk Assessment in OPTIMIS is the result of the research carried out on risk assessment in the OPTIMIS project during the period June 2010 - May 2012.