A simple use case for OPTIMIS: CRM software company ‘SOFT’ becomes a SaaS provider

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SOFT wants to move its CRM application to the cloud. 

The programming component of the OPTIMIS toolkit allows the service developer at SOFT to define the service elements that include functionalities SOFT wants to provide to its clients. Once the elements are defined, the construction tools of the programming component create the service VMs and a ‘service manifest’ that will govern the deployment and operation of the created VMs/services. 

Using the TREC optimization engine, the toolkit manages the deployment of the VMs to the service provider’s preferred infrastructure. 

Another component, the OPTIMIS broker, manages the infrastructure selection and service deployment by automatically evaluating infrastructure providers based on the service provider’s TREC preference. These deployments can even occur across multiple cloud infrastructures if the TREC-based evaluation determines that would deliver the best result.

Once the service is live, OPTIMIS allows the service provider to continue to monitor, change and optimize the various configurations at runtime.