The SIaaS space

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The bulk of revenue and activity in the cloud continues to be centered on infrastructure (IaaS, PaaS and storage).  However, market activity demonstrates that the cloud world is moving up the stack and is beginning to incorporate tools needed to effectively manage a cloud environment such as the many flavors of management and automation. We have called this segment ‘Software infrastructure-as-a-service (SIaaS)’. SIaaS represents the software component of a cloud infrastructure (sitting between the physical infrastructure and the cloud platform).   SIaaS encompasses the enabling technologies that are required for a cloud to function “properly” (for consumers to easily and efficiently use cloud functionality to their best advantage).   This is the space where we believe most cloud innovation is happening. OPTIMIS is considered to be a SIaaS offering.

In order to understand the business dynamics of the SIaaS space, we are asking technology vendors, service providers and end users about their business models, business needs and drivers and relevant legislation affecting their business activities and decision-making. The outcomes of this survey will be analyzed in our upcoming report Cloud Business: Needs, Desires, Concerns and Aspirations in the SIaaS market.

If you are interested in participating, send an email to csilla [dot] zsigri [at] the451group [dot] com before the end of Nov 2010.