From the Playground to Production

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We saw private cloud move very much to the foreground through 2011, largely due to the entrance of the major vendors - increasingly, it will be hybrid strategies that define the supply side agenda as organizations seek to make the best use of existing resources and domain skills in conjunction with the new opportunities cloud brings.

Whatever the service-delivery model, cloud is boiling down to a fairly simple proposition: do things faster and more flexibly – and on more devices. The economic model continues to be the key driver for building a business case and initial adoption, but other factors drive ongoing adoption.

The lines between 'aaS' models will blur further through 2012, and cloud will increasingly be the new normal. Cloud is now in the CIO’s critical path, and is no longer an extreme sport. While security remains a key challenge as we go into 2012, we see it becoming less of a reason not to do cloud. ‘Cloud First’ policies are being established by the most aggressive users of cloud – especially in the public sector, where, for example, both the US and UK governments are seeking to normalize 'Cloud First' procurement policies. The European Commission has installed cloud at the center of its Horizon 2020 (FP8) ICT agenda through 2020.

(Source: 451 Research - 2012 Research Preview)