OPTIMIS Programming Model and Runtime

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D2.1.2.1 - OPTIMIS Programming Model and Runtime

This document presents an overview of the OPTIMIS Toolkit along with the OPTIMIS PM. It also details the design and implementation of the OPTIMIS PM and runtime, providing two use case implementations also highlighting how existing code (COMPSs) has been adapted for use in the OPTIMIS Toolkit. Section 1 provides an executive summary and highlight key aspects of the report. Section 2 introduces the report and details the purpose of this document deliverable, also providing a glossary of acronyms. Section 3 provides an overview of the OPTIMIS toolkit introducing the basic toolkit, the IP tools and the SP tools. Section 4 details the OPTIMIS PM and runtime design in detail providing the detailed architecture. Section 5 introduces the PM and runtime implementation describing how existing code has been modified to fulfill the new requirements for OPTIMIS, as compared to COMPSs. Section 6 presents the conclusions. In addition, an example showing how a service developer can utilize the PM is presented in Annex B.