EU Chooses Flexiant Technology for the Test Bed in its €7M Cloud Computing Initiative

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(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — The European Union has selected a cloud platform developed by UK-based cloud solutions provider Flexiant ( as a test bed for a €7 million technology project spanning nearly all of Europe that promises to strengthen member organization clouds through the sharing of resources.

This project, code-named Optimis (, was conceived to provide organisations with the capability of working beyond the inherent limitations of their local cloud capacity by allowing workloads to be moved between public and/or private clouds.

According to Flexiant’s Friday announcement, its cloud technology, Extility, will be used to provide a robust proving ground for the EU project, demonstrating that the Optimis tool set is able to run in a real public or private cloud environment. Extility lets service providers and data center operators deliver a cloud computing service to their own customers.

Optimis is conducted under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for research and technological development, which bundles together all research-related EU initiatives, and plays a crucial role in achieving the goals of growth, competitiveness and employment.

Additionally, Optimis will be carried out by some of Europe’s leading experts in cloud computing. A consortium of industrial and academic partners, including ATOS Origin, SAP and British Telecom, will create the software tools needed for the latest cloud platforms.

“The evolution of cloud computing is moving at breakneck speed and we are delighted our cloud platform is being used to help develop the tools needed for a new generation of cloud platforms,” Flexiant chief executive officer Alex Bligh said in a statement “It is a privilege to work with the EU at this level beside Europe’s information technology leaders.”

Known as the developer of Europe’s first cloud computing platform, FlexiScale, Flexiant completed the bottom-up re-write of its public cloud platform with the launch of FlexiScale 2.0 in June. The latest version of FlexiScale lets users grow their installations from one server to a thousand servers in just seconds, giving start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses the flexibility to manage streaming video, social networking, Software as a Service, and a wealth of other applications.

Cloud computing has been a popular technology among businesses and governments because of its potential to drive down operating and capital expenditure, while providing infinite scalability and significantly reducing the carbon footprint of each transaction.