Architecture Design Document

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D1.2.1.2 - Architecture Design Document

This document contains the high-level definition of the OPTIMIS Toolkit. This includes the architectural roles, scope and interfaces for toolkit components, as well as the communication patterns. Studies of commonalities between the various envisioned multi-cloud scenarios have been a topic of significant attention, as has been the interaction between the requirements elicitation (further described in D1.1.1.2 [1]), and the architecture definition. The current version of this architecture deliverable provides an initial view of the year 2 architecture of the OPTIMIS framework. The design of the various components of the OPTIMIS framework will be described in deliverable D1.2.2.2 (to appear) and in other deliverables concerned with each of these components in future stages of the project. To ensure the correctness and aptness of the toolkit, a set of acceptance tests will be defined in the Verification and Validation case deliverable, D. (to appear).