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OPTIMIS aims to make you think hybrid with new release of its toolkit

The open source cloud project OPTIMIS (Optimized Infrastructure Services) has published a new release of its toolkit. The toolkit can be downloaded from the OPTIMIS toolkit website (optimistoolkit.com), and the code is also available on GitHub, an open source code repository site. 

SOFT wants to move its CRM application to the cloud. 

IaaS buying into SIaaS

SIaaS providers believe in the power of partnerships. Partnerships help deliver value above and beyond what a single company can achieve alone. Furthermore, these partnerships are powerful because the involved companies bring their homegrown revenue streams and customer bases with them.

OPTIMIS is green

The summary of green legislation and quasi-legal initiatives outlined in our first legal report provides a useful guide to the environment in which OPTIMIS is being developed. Effort has been made where possible to highlight the relevance of each law, initiative or project to the goals of the wider project.

The SIaaS space

The bulk of revenue and activity in the cloud continues to be centered on infrastructure (IaaS, PaaS and storage).  However, market activity demonstrates that the cloud world is moving up the stack and is beginning to incorporate tools needed to effectively manage a cloud environment such as the many flavors of management and automation. We have called this segment ‘Software infrastructure-as-a-service (SIaaS)’.

New Cloud Taxonomy

It is barely day two in the cloud. Cloud adoption is moving beyond the use of public Infrastructure-as-a-service offerings. The cloud marketplace has plenty of momentous events occurring regularly. The outlook for innovation is high, with new opportunities –roles, partnerships, value activities- emerging everywhere while existing segments and roles merge.